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Something that made me smile…

Day 2:

The thought that you can find love.
And that it can last.
The chance to say
‘We grew old together.’



Okay so a good friend came to visit this weekend.
She ended up kissing my ex-boyfriends brother. (He’s married)
Eventually when I find them and pull them apart we find her a nice single guy. 
I feel like I take slight responsibility if they end up married. (none at all if it finishes)
They did go on a date tonight..so that’s something right? 

I am wondering however.. about one  night stands.
I’ve never had one. I’m not sure I could bring myself to.
Am I the only student like this?
I don’t mind intimacy but I guess I’ve always been in relationships.
So it’s a bit different..?

Back to the night out. 
What’s the deal with ex boyfriends?
Obviously you’re really close friends still after a few years of being together.
But they want you more when they can’t have you?
Is it normal to still be friends if it feels like they still want to flirt with you?
Maybe it will change when he gets in a relationship too.
We didn’t end greatly (story of my life) but we are good friends.
I wouldn’t change my current man for anything. Just been on my mind a lot recently. Especially when the other night a (male) friend began talking to me and my ex tried to tell me not to talk to him…Does he have that right?
When he’s not flirting with me he’s spending the rest of his time with his other x (box 360)

Also I have a lot of opinions so how about I ask you for help..any tips on long distance?

So far so good. But to keep him interested?
Stupid question I suppose. 

Normally my life is more entertaining. But this week has just been alcohol and girly time.
Hasta luego