Haven’t done this in so long.
I don’t know if this will turn out to be a rant or a short one.

I have to go to the drs next week my tutor recommended it because of stress.

which i don’t really understand but apparently things are clearly affecting me more than need be.

whatevs. i kind of resent the idea because of things i know other people go through but …i’ll go with it.

i’m still waiting for something exciting to occur soon..
the other day i did some acting for a BBC workshop and one of the presenters called me brilliant and was really nice.
I had to hold back on screaming ‘EMPLOY ME.’

In other news it’s my birthday soon.
dreading not being a teenager.
But decided it’s an open door for the start of my new choices and road in life ๐Ÿ™‚
that and a lot of alcohol

Turns out it’s a short one
But if anyone actually reads this…i’ll be updating soon
i feel i have a few exciting things to share



I wasn’t sure whether I could write a post about this but I guess there’s no point in having a blog if you don’t talk about things.
I always say that problems aren’t relative. And if it affects you then it’s a problem no matter how small.
But then I always like to ignore problems.

I’ve been letting things get on top of me a bit too much recently. I won’t go in to detail but…
Home has ย been extremely rough recently.
I lost some friends last year. and that’s been getting me down even more than usual.
Work is getting tough. Money low. Spare time scarce and Friends stressed.
I’ve had a lot of pressure on the way I look recently. which does not make you feel better when you’re already low.
The boyfriend is not being very boyfriend like at all.
Stuff from the past is playing on my mind.
And to be honest, if I’m on my todd i feel quite down.
All very vague I know, and sounds stupid. but I’m new to this.
So basically sleep isn’t something that’s happening a lot recently.

I’ve been trying to be positive.
I’m out of the house enough as it is which helps. and when I can’t sleep I’m writing song. and when I’m not doing that I volunteer, or have a rehearsal, or go see people.
I work with school kids and autistic kids, and I just signed up to volunteer with a homelessness society.
I know a lot worse things happen than what I have been through / I am going through. So it seems silly really.

Just sometimes you need something to come along and make you smile.
So I’d like that soon please.

While i’m here…might as well go off an around the world fancy dress theme party coming up…cheap ideas?

Keep smiling….it’ll give you less wrinkles than frowning ๐Ÿ™‚