Something that made me smile

So today…returning from the air port.

It wis about 35 minutes on the bus

I got on the bus and had £3

The bus journey was £3.50

He let me on for free

Despite me offering to get off earlier

Faith in the human kind: restored:)


Something that made me smile

Day 5:

The Lion King

I recently bought my boyfriend tickets to go see this in London because he really wants to. (Again..not sure if i should admit to this)
If you are feeling down please watch this. It’s heart breaking but beautiful!
2 and 3 aren’t too bad either.

Also there is no harm in standing at the top of your stairs with your hamster/ cat/ dog and singing the circle of life…
providing it’s alcohol induced and safe….

Something that made me smile

Day 4:

Disney and Takeaway

We all hate to admit it. But sometimes we just need a night with our friends. The other night my girls and I watched 4 Disney films and devoured an 18 inch chalk and cheese pizza with chips and milkshake! (Don’t tell the Personal Trainer ;))
It was worth every inch I’ll tell you.
Never turn down a girly night of all things gossipy, facemasky and childish.
AND never neglect the less well known Disney films such as Huchback, Swan Princess etc etc….
Junk food you can burn off and Disney Films never get old.