Taste of the News recently…

So i’m a bit too sleepy to write a full blog…but here’s a few things that caught my eye recently.. might be of interest you…I will update this with funny news stories, how the other half live, unfortunate headlines and magazine editing, and just thoughts. Feel free to comment/ request. ūüôā Enjoy

1. Have you seen Adele’s new house?
Without meaning to sound like an estate agent…
Grade II. Ten bedrooms. Two swimming pools. 25 Acres.

It’s no wonder her songs are so depressing never mind looking for¬†someone (like you)¬†It’s a wonder she can find her way from one¬†wing¬†to the other.

2.Meanwhile…Dear Mr Cameron.¬†
Having read this it seems clear that the reason for the increase in student fees lies parallel with the end of us funding your work via buying from your clubs. This obviously is a bit of a naive comment, I know there are pros and cons of this whole students pay back more thing. But the hypocrisy of this article after reading this: Can only make us laugh?
Each to their own eh?