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Haven’t done this in so long.
I don’t know if this will turn out to be a rant or a short one.

I have to go to the drs next week my tutor recommended it because of stress.

which i don’t really understand but apparently things are clearly affecting me more than need be.

whatevs. i kind of resent the idea because of things i know other people go through but …i’ll go with it.

i’m still waiting for something exciting to occur soon..
the other day i did some acting for a BBC workshop and one of the presenters called me brilliant and was really nice.
I had to hold back on screaming ‘EMPLOY ME.’

In other news it’s my birthday soon.
dreading not being a teenager.
But decided it’s an open door for the start of my new choices and road in life 🙂
that and a lot of alcohol

Turns out it’s a short one
But if anyone actually reads this…i’ll be updating soon
i feel i have a few exciting things to share